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I'm William Johnston, I'm 26 currently in Glasgow, and I’m engaged to my beautiful fiancé Claire! I consider myself an artistic, creative and technically minded person - developing a love for art from a young age and then discovering music which then became my primary career.

Shortly after graduating with a music degree and beginning work as a professional musician and full time guitar teacher, I developed my passion and love for photography, taking me back to my artistic roots and continuing a family tradition.



What I aim to capture most in my photos are the little moments that make us human. Whether that's laughter during a wedding ceremony, or the expression during an epic jazz solo, moments come and go quickly so my shooting style is quite fast and spontaneous. I love candid moments so I try to be out of the way when shooting unless I'm specifically posing people.

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As a musician myself I'm aware that musicians want photos that stand out. I've had the pleasure of photographing new bands like Fat-Suit and Mezcla who had unique ideas that involved a lot of challenges in the editing process. During this learning curve I've developed a love for forward-thinking ideas and I encourage people to bring me new and inspiring challenges.


I have an array of studio lights, backdrops, lenses and light modifiers to get stunning professional headshots both indoors and outdoors. If you’re needing a classy headshot, let me know!


I love the electric atmosphere at a grad ball! I make every effort to capture the excitement in photos, and I aim to be approachable and friendly so people can feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and have memories to cherish years down the line.

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I also love the challenge of landscape photography and finding a way to convey a photo in the same way I remembered it in person. Many of these pictures translate beautifully to print, if you're interested in ordering prints get in touch below!


I have a love for wildlife photography, and the patience and persistence required in capturing rare moments with animals that are shy of humans. Some of my most satisfying moments as a photographer have been capturing a great wildlife shot that requires time, skill and a dosage of good fortune!


Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of the website and please get in touch if you'd like to chat!